Ukulele Wall Mount – 5 Ukulele Hangers You’ll Love

I wanted to tell you about my latest excellent purchase, and help you figure out the right choice if you’re considering getting a ukulele wall mount!

Now that I’ve had my ukulele for a couple of weeks, maybe a month or so, I’ve had it just banging around the house, putting it on shelves or next to my bed leaned up against my nightstand.

One time I left it laying on the floor and got kicked by one of the kids.

I tried to find a good home for it, but I just couldn’t find the right thing.

I felt like it needed to have it up out of the way, but still accessible.

I didn’t really know what to do with it. Years ago, I built a wall hanger for my cello because I couldn’t find any great way to keep it up out of the way.

And I’ve also purchased a wall hanger for a guitar in the past, but I got that hanger really to just keep it on display, and I didn’t know how well that would work for a ukulele because the instrument is strapped into the wall hanger and not very accessible or easy to grab.

That was one of my stipulations when I was looking into a better way to store my new uke. I wanted something that would keep the ukulele out of the way so it wouldn’t get damaged, not get kicked over by a kid or licked by a dog or something.

But also wanted to be able to just grab it because I feel like if you have more things that are in the way to practicing, the less likely you are to practice.

So after doing some research I settled on getting a wall hanger.

This is something that I just found when I was searching online for a solution to this problem.

I found that there’s a whole bunch of these wall hangers that look really awesome for sale on Amazon.

So here are the top five that I found for your consideration, and hopefully my review will help you decide if this is the right way for you to go for your own ukulele storage system.

String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount Black Walnut CC01UKBW

So the first hanger that I looked at is this String Swing ukulele mount.

I already had one like this, as I mentioned before for guitar, so because I knew that it worked, and I have something that matched, this is the first one I considered.

If you’ve read this site much, you know that my first concern with anything that I buy is the price. I’m pretty frugal with my hobby purchases.

Well for this hanger, the price is right.  It was one of the most inexpensive on Amazon, less than 15 bucks.

And it had really great reviews,  which shows lots of sales which created some very positive social proof.

It also has some really good coloring in the wood part of the mount, I like that natural, dark wood tone that walnut shows, even if it is fake (I”m not sure whether this one is).

I also know that the pegs are really strong because I already have one on the wall that holds up an electric guitar.

So if it can take that much weight, it can definitely take the weight of a tenor ukulele.

I think that it’s made in the USA which is also a great selling point for some people.

So if you’re looking for a standard no frills wall mount, I think that this one would be a great option for you.

One thing that may be a downside for some people about this wall mount is that compared to some of the other offerings on Amazon, It’s kind of plain looking.

I do like things that look a little bit more aesthetically pleasing, sometimes with vibrant colors or a unique style, and some of the other options on Amazon definitely stand out in that department.

Keebofly Guitar Wall Hanger Solid Pine

The second hangar that I looked at is this Keebofly Guitar Wall Hanger with a shelf. 

I thought it looked really cool. I’d never seen one like this before.

And this wasn’t available when I was looking for the hanger for my guitar in the past. 

This listing had a couple of different options for colors. A black one, a brown one, or a plain pine wood one that had some stain on it.

All three of them looked decent but I really liked the look of the pine wood.

Plus this shelf is really cool and unique looking.

It gives you a great place to get your ukulele up out of the way and it has a little shelf where you can put things like your tuner or your capo or whatever else you might need 

Also on the front face of the shelf is a holder for picks.

 Now I don’t use picks on my ukulele but if you were going to get something like this for your guitar, that would be really great.

Another neat feature about this one is that you are able to move the neck pegs if you have an asymmetric headstock.

There are a couple of negatives in my opinion.

I think my biggest downfall with this one is that it is considerably more expensive. 

Closer to $25 when compared to the string swing. 

Secondly, I didn’t really like how the pegs looked. It looks like they wouldn’t really work to keep the instrument secure and safe

Guitar Wall Mount Hooks – 2 Pack

Another ukulele wall mount that I saw that I really liked was this Wishwood Guitar Wall Mount Hooksthat comes as a two pack.

So if you have more than one ukulele or more than one instrument with a long neck like a guitar, or bass, this would be a great selection for you.

 I also thought that this had a great look. The coloring of it and the simplicity of it, really fantastic.

 It looks like it’s a really easy mount and it has great reviews. It also has a place to stick your capo, a little notch that pokes out of the back, as well as a slot at the top of the hangar to keep picks.

I didn’t end up getting this one because my biggest problem with this was the price

It was very expensive, almost $40 for the two pack and I only needed one.

Second, it doesn’t hold instruments with an asymmetric neck. If I was going to get two I’d use one for my son’s uke, and his has an asymmetric neck.

Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger Wall Mount

Next is this really cool Bikoney Guitar Wall Hangar that I’d never seen anything like before I started really looking into the various options out there.

First, I saw the little top mounted shelf, and I really liked it. Honestly, I thought it was amazing looking. 

I think it is a really cute wall mounted shelf that is super versatile. 

I love the little shelf that can hold your tuners or your capo, or whatever you want to keep near your uke, like extra strings.

I love that the hooks could hold your strap, cables or even a gig bag.

The price was pretty good too.It was less than $25 when I was browsing.

Plus I noticed it also had a coupon you can click to save an extra 10% when you add it into your Amazon shopping cart.

The shelf also came in a bunch of different colors. White, black, gray, and walnut. I really liked the selection. This shelf has over 3000 great reviews. So that gave me a lot of confidence that this would be a great choice for me.

I did have a couple of concerns with this wall mount though… but I think that they would be able to be fixed with just a little bit of ingenuity.

 First, it looks like the edges of the neck hanger or the headstock hanger might be just putting wood on wood for your guitar or your ukulele. I think that that could cause some damage from the friction.

If it was me if I did end up getting this one I would probably try and reinforce or cover the inside edges of the wall hanger, so no damage ended up happening to my instrument.

Maybe even just some vinyl electrical tape could be used to make sure that the wood rests on plastic, instead of wood.

Second, it doesn’t hold an asymmetric headstock… So like I said, that’s also a problem if you do have an asymmetric uke which have become common lately, especially in some of the expensive ukuleles.

Lastly, Its for guitars… so I don’t know if it would be too big as a wall mount for your ukuleles. The headstock might not fit in the slot quite right.

But I bet if your heart was set on this one, you could make it happen by adjusting the location of the hanging hooks. That should be an easy DIY project to have something super cool like this for your uke.

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger, Foam Plastic and Wood

Finally, the last hanger that I looked at was this Guitar Wall Mount Hanger, made of foam plastic and wood.

This hanger has a cool feature that is focused on safety for your instrument. As you can see from the photos it has little levers that flip forward when you place your instrument into the headstock rest.

I really like that you can get some extra security by locking your instrument and I did have some concern with the other wall mounts I’ve shown here.

Its pretty easy to have an accident that might cause you to knock your ukulele to the floor.

It’s so light a small bump could push it right off of the hanger… but not with this lock.

It automatically secures your uke in the holder so that it doesn’t have the chance to be knocked off on accident. 

One concern I have with this design is that you might damage your strings on the ukulele if it’s not aligned just right when you put it in the holder. I’d worry that the lever might click over and push into the string, maybe breaking it with enough force or repeated jabs into the string.

Nylon strings can be a lot easier to break, and with some carelessness you might be buying strings more often than you want.

My biggest problem with this hanger is that its really plain.

The wood is plain looking, and even less aesthetically appealing, it’s covered in plastic.

 I don’t particularly like that look.

I do like that it has some extra foam to protect your instrument from rubbing against the hooks, which I’ve brought up as a concern for some of the other hooks but overall I’m not a big fan of this choice.

But it also is for guitars, and again I don’t know if it would actually fit your ukulele very well. Plus there doesn’t appear to be a way to adjust the width of this one if needed.

I think that this would be my ideal choice if I didn’t worry about the looks of the hanger.

It also has a great price, with a save 20% coupon available right now!

My Pick

In conclusion there are lots of awesome choices that you can make to have a place to keep your ukulele up out of the way protected. 

This list are just are some of the ones that I really liked, there are dozens more listed on Amazon, not to mention other shopping places like Etsy or eBay

Out of the 1000s of choices on Amazon and if you consider the pros and cons of the hangers I highlighted above, you can absolutely come up with a great selection for your needs, including something that looks good and something that does its job protecting the Uke.

 I ended up going with the String Swing because that’s the brand I already had my guitar hanging on.

This matches the color and the style and I know that it will keep my instrument safe for years to come

BUT if I do move my instruments or end up wanting to try something new, I’m going to get one of those wall hanging shelves.

I really do like the look of them and the functionality of them. 

The Bikoney mount is my favorite. Next time I buy a hanger. I’m going to go with that one. 

Thanks for your time reading this article today, leave a comment below and let me know which one you got!

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