About New Uke

Hi there, thanks for checking out this page, wanting to know more about who’s behind this website.

My name is Tim, and I’m a dad and a husband who has a fondness for music, just like I’m sure a lot of you do.

I’ve been teaching my kids music, as an amature, for years and years, and some of them are getting really good! I bought my son a ukulele when he was about 7, because I had a guitar that I fooled around with, and he wanted to be able to play too.

He slowly took to playing and now, years later, is a wonderful musician who writes his own music. He also took up my guitar, and is a better player than I am!

Because he’s not playing the ukulele so much anymore, I wanted to be able to connect musically with him still, while he plays guitar and sing. I figured his old ukulele was the perfect solution!

But when I started learning it, I found that the soprano uke was just a bit too small for me, and I wanted to be able to add more depth to the song when playing alongside a guitar…. So I bought a new uke!

Eventually some of our younger kids also began to be more interested in playing music so as I began to teach them about learning music, I thought I should document it, and use it as a resource to help other people who want to learn ukulele.

As I’m learning to play the uke, I want to be able to help others learn too! Together we can get better at music, and enjoy ourselves, the gift of music and connection.