Luna Tattoo Uke – Tenor

Well as I mentioned before… I got a new uke!

This beautiful ukulele is a Luna Tattoo uke, it’s the tenor size, so the biggest you can get in the standard ukulele tuning. I like the tenor size because it’s deeper sounding and most tenor instruments I’ve had the chance to mess around with have a deeper, more resonant feel, almost like a guitar.

If you’re interested in purchasing this ukulele or any of the accessories I use in my uke playing please use one of the affiliate links in this post or in the video. I’ll earn a commission at no extra charge to you.

This post is about my unboxing experience when I got this new uke. You can watch the video that I recorded while unboxing it down below, but here’s my first impressions.

When I first opened up the uke’s Amazon box, I was a little nervous, because the inside box was opened, which means it probably wasn’t treated very well during shipping. Fortunately when I opened the  second box, removed the plastic wrapping I found no damage.

The ukulele has some really cool vibes. Its traditional hawaiian style tattoo in the wood looks great. I don’t know how they got that etched in there, maybe with some type of CNC machine? Regardless, it doesn’t look FANTASTIC, but it does look good. From a bit further away it looks realy clean and great, but up close its a bit less stunning. It still looks good to me though.

The body of the uke looks solid with no chips or cracks. The coloring of the body is really great too. I like the darker, matte look on an instrument, rather than high gloss with sunbursts or light tonewoods.

The fingerboard is in good condition too. I can’t see any staining on the fretboard trying to hide that it’s a cheap wood thats been stained or dyed, which I’ve seen before in some inexpensive Amazon instruments. The metal of the frets seems like it’s solidly in place, with nothing misaligned. It also has a cool looking shark tooth inlay at the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 12th fret. You don’t usualy see a fret marker at the 1st fret so that’s neat.

The headstock seems fine. It’s got some open backed plastic, imitation mother of pearl tuners. When I was considering buying this uke, I read that the tuners tend to have problems, so I got some to replace these. I’ll show you guys how easy that process was in an article and video in the future. For now they work just fine to get the ukulele tuned up. 

Speaking of tuning ukuleles, I also read that the strings that came with this instrument are of low quality too. They are hard to keep in tune. After playing on it for a couple weeks, I haven’t really had a problem, but I’ve also gotten some higher quality strings and plan on replacing them soon too.

So lastly to cover is how the uke sounds. I have to say, it sounds really decent. It’s got a deep low end, and the treble doesn’t ring out like some of the other ukuleles my family has. It’s easy and fun to play, and it brings a great compliment to a few instruments playing together. When my son plays the guitar this uke sounds great with it. 

When my son plays his uke, this also sounds great with it.

So to give it an overall rating:

I’d have to say about 4.5 stars out of 5.

Would I recommend this uke? Absolutely. I think this is the best beginner ukulele that’s a tenor, that I’ve ever played. The price is very inexpensive, the sound is good, the quality is just fine. It defintely doesn’t sound as good as some of the ukes that I’ve played that cost 5X, but that’s not what a beginner uke should be.

This is a great entry point into learning ukulele and I’d recommend you check the Amazon link right here , to see current prices and pick one up for yourself today.

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