Ukulele Fm | How to Play the Fm Chord on the Ukulele

How do you play the Fm Chord on Ukulele?

You play the Fm chord on the uke by fretting the G string on the first fret, with your first finger. Next you fret the D string on the first fret with your 2nd finger, last you fret the E string with your fourth finger on the 3rd fret.

This might be the first time you’re using your 4th finger to play a chord, and it can be pretty challenging. In my experience as a learner and a teacher, in order to play anything with a new finger, the best approach is slow and steady practice. Soon your muscle memory will build up and you can add in this chord easily

How to hold the ukulele when playing Fm?

One of the interesting things that I’ve found when learning this instrument is that when you’re learning new chords, you might need to adjust your whole body in order to get your hand or arm moved into the right position for the new chord.

I’ve found that for myself, or teaching my kids, learning Fm has been easy to incorporate into my normal playing style, without any big body movements.

I’m not moving much, and sometimes I struggle with chords when I don’t use a uke strap. That isn’t the case with this chord. It flows easily and as you can see from the video below, I can play it without my strap!

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