Ukulele C7 tutorial | Plus the only Variation you’ll ever Need

Although there are some difficult chords to play on the Ukulele, there are also a whole bunch of VERY easy ones.

On ukulele C7 is one of the easiest chords you can play, and one of the great reasons that ukulele is a fantastic way for any beginner to learn music.

You can play the C7 chord really easily by putting your number one finger, or index finger, on the first fret of the A string, like this:

Is there a C7 ukulele chord alternative?

Yes there is! One of the main reasons that I like to play the C7 with this great alternative is that it sounds just a bit different, a little higher in the tones.

I looked up what C7 is usually meant to feel like, and I saw several different authors mention that C7 is supposed to make you have a feeling of pep, or just ubeat. It’s also supposed to uplift your heart, and make you feel energetic.

When I play it with this alternative, I like how it changes the sound to be even more uplifting!

Barre the G string, C string, E string and A string at the third fret fret, creating a barre across the whole fretboard. Next you add your 2nd finger on the C string, on the first fret.

I’ll show you the right place to put your fingers in the video down below.

C7 is a chord shape that can change positions

A really excellent thing about learning how to move up the neck with C7 is that you’ll find that the chord shape is moveable all over the fret board.

This can be helpful to transition to chords that might not be as easy to play, like the infamous E chord.

The C7 chord shape is simply the A7 chord shape, but moved up 2 frets on the fret board.

Of course because the nut dictactes the length of the string when you play an A7, you’ll have to shorten the string using the barre like I show in this video:

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