Bm Ukulele – How to Play the Ukulele Chord Bm

The Bm ukulele chords is one that feels a little strange when you’re trying to get used to it, when you’re first learning Ukulele.

But First, here is an image to show how to place your fingers on the ukulele finger board for Bm

A lot of the easiest ukulele chords you’ve probably learned so far like C, A, F and Am are SUPER easy, one or two fingers, and then you throw in this one and it feels a bit complicated. 

One of the frustrations that new players have when learning Bm is that they need to stretch their 3rd finger all the way over the fingerboard to the G string and get good solid placement without muting any of the other strings. But to make things even more complicated, it’s one of the first barre chords, where you have to teach your reluctant finger to play more than one string.

This can become especially difficult to master when you’re first learning, because you haven’t developed a lot of muscle memory for this chord, and it can really just feel unnatural.

This video below is me walking through the process of how to place your fingers on a standard tuned gcea ukulele to play a flawless bm chord. I’m also going to show some good exercises for developing that muscle memory so that the chord becomes a natural progression, and after just a short time practicing it daily, you’ll feel right at home playing this new chord.

Ok now you’ve got a visualization of where your fingers need to go on the finger board give it a try.

It’ll probably feel uncomfortable, like I mentioned, but lets walk through it together on the video and you’ll be able to get the shape ingrained in your fingers and part of your natural use soon.

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